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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Cooranbong is a Positive Behaviour for Learning School called PBL for short. Our three key values are Respect, Engagement and Safety. Each week students particpate in lessons aimed at teaching them the positive way to behave at school. 

Our School Core Values

An Example of Our Weekly Focus

Each week students participate in lessons aimed at teaching them the rights and responsibilities that go along with school life. Here is an example of one weeks reminder poster for positive behaviour. The data from classroom and playground incidents is used to select the behaviours that need explicit teaching and practice within the school. 

Students enjoying their rewards

During Rewards Day each term students can 'pay' for what they would like to do with the Clancy's that they have earnt that term. One of 3/4 Blue favourite rewards is getting to be the teacher for a session. Here is one student who taught us all how to make a hanging mobile. She was even prepared with all resources ready for us. We had loads of fun!